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The Food For Everyone Foundation is dedicated to taking the very best family food production principles and procedures to the world.  Learn more about us at www.foodforeveryone.org.

We believe the "best of organic" methods taught by Dr. Jacob R. Mittleider, and demonstrated in 78 gardening projects - in 28 countries around the world for 37 years - are the very best available anywhere.  And we are pleased to be the exclusive distributors of this great gardening material to the world.

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The Mittleider Gardening Course  


  This gardening book is truly in a class by itself.  Itís SO simple to read and follow you canít mess up.  And itís so thorough in covering everything you need to do that you are guaranteed ďa great garden in any soil, and in virtually any climate.Ē

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Grow Bed Gardening


Grow-Bed Gardening came out of the 60 yearsí growing and teaching experience of Dr. Jacob Mittleider, which is unique in all the world, and this unique background has put his vegetable gardening books in a class by themselves.   

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Gardening by the Foot


(Container gardening)


The Mittleider Method of container or Grow-Box gardening. A guide to raising food abundantly in small areas by means of the mini grow-box  

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Let's Grow Tomatoes


 Almost everyone loves fresh vine-ripened tomatoes, but very few people are able to grow them well.  This book will change all that for you, and youíll quickly become a tomato growing expert!

Letís Grow Tomatoes is an easy reading step-by-step guide to growing tomatoes that will have you growing 5 to 10 times more in the same space, and make your garden the envy of your whole town!  

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Six Steps to Successful Gardening


Following the Mittleider Method taught in the Six Steps book will help you grow 5 to 10 times more healthy delicious vegetables and fruits than a traditional garden in the same space.

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Gardening manuals (9)


This is a set of 9 manuals compiled through the years by Dr. Mittleider targeting specific garden topics in a precise manner. The manuals range in size from 7-25 pages in length.

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