How To: Grow Blueberries in a Container

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How To: Grow Blueberries in a Container

Blueberries are very easy to grow in containers and the bushes will live and produce for years under the right growing circumstances. Use this tips for successfully growing organic blueberries in containers so you can harvest several pints of juicy blueberries the first growing season and every season thereafter.

Container and Location

You will need containers that are at least 12 inches deep and equally as wide to provide enough room for the roots to grow. Select a sunny location for container. Full sun is best, but the bushes will do fine with at least 6 hours of daily sunshine. Acidic Soil

Blueberries prefer an acidic soil with a pH level of 4.5-5.5. Use an acidic potting soil mixture in containers and add two cups compost per container to raise acidity level and feed the bush.

Each time the blueberry bush is watered, minerals will leach out and the acidic level will decline. Keep the soil at the proper pH level by sprinkling a handful of cottonseed meal on top of the container soil once a month. This will keep the bush fed and producing strong.

If you prefer a different organic food besides cottonseed meal, that can be used instead. The key is to feed small doses to the container blueberry bush each month instead one large feeding in the spring. Organic Mulch

Keep the top of the soil covered with an organic mulch like pine needles or dead leaves. Blueberries are native woodland bushes and grow best when their natural habitat is re-created. The organic mulch will also help keep soil acid balanced and help retain soil moisture.

Plant Choices

You will need at least two blueberry bushes for ideal pollination and an abundant harvest. Select berry varieties that have different fruiting times so you can maximize the length of the harvest season. Also, select plants that are hardy in your particular growing zone so they can survive the winter weather. In harsh climates, place containers in a protected area during the winter. How To Plant

Position each bush so the top of the root ball will be one-half inch above soil level when planted. The roots of a blueberry bush are very shallow because they must have air to survive and if they are planted too deep in the container the roots will smother and the bush will die.